Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What's happening....

So we haven't posted in a while and I am ashamed to admit it. It has been really busy here and things are starting to speed up. With all the planting and seeding and bed making, client designs and implementations and other life commitments it has been hard to keep up with all the tasks.

This is why I thought it would be a good thing to let you know what has been happening and how our Permaculture life is shaping up.

We have been looking for land to start our Permaculture education center and have been around a lot (driven over 2500km last month!!! OUCH!) to find a suitable spot. So far we have our eye on an 80 acre piece of land which has been recently clear cut. This land has everything that we could hope for. It has springs, a south west facing slope, and even a wetland with a small creek connecting to a larger lake. Some of the trees that survived the onslought of heavy cutting equipment are nice mature hardwoods mixed with some truly majestic pine trees.

At this stage in the game it is a matter of financing, and you might find a crowd funding appeal here shortly. Depending on donations we will offer the donors free courses once the curriculum commences.

Meanwhile we are incorporating a company to shoulder the legal site of the education centre. This involved a lot of lawyer talk and big words and in the end again a lot of money. It also came along with a decent amount of stress. Which we normally try to avoid like the plague. It is a killer.

Once all of these bumps are straightened out, and we have more details to share we will do so immediately. So please bear with us.

On the other hand we have been doing a lot of planting in our greenhouse and space is becoming an issue. This fact, as well as the fact that our house is for sale and we might have to leave it before harvest season prompted us to concentrate on container planting and high density growing of vegetables. Expect the first post here within the next 24hrs. I promise.

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