Monday, 13 May 2013


You might have heard about the 'new fruit on the block' called Haskap berry. Haskap berries (Lonicera caerulae) are not a new hybrid of any sort, but actually native to most of the northern hemisphere temperate climate zones.
Another name they are going by is Blueberried Honeysuckle. The antioxidant amount in these berries is said to be even greater than that of blueberries. We bought three bushes last year to see how they fare. While the two small bushes from one nursery took on great the large one from a different nursery had some problems. It started to wilt only a few weeks after transplant and lost all leaves pretty fast. The bush also got pummelled by a freak storm gust that came through last year and will probably be forever on the slanty side.

However I don't give up on any tree or bush before I see a second growing season or the lack thereof. Good thing, because this year the bush seems to be perfectly fine (apart from the

Here are some pictures of the blossoms.

I am delighted to see how beautiful the blossoms are.

Forever slanted...but still vigorous yay. 
So I hope that the birds leave some of the fruits for me this year. They taste like a mix between a raspberry and a blueberry. Truly delicious. 

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