Friday, 10 May 2013

Blooming sugar maples

There were only three trees on our property when we bought it. One lonely apple tree and two majestic old sugar maples. I have no idea how old these maples are, but I am guessing about 100-120 years.

yesterday I took a walk with my camera through the garden and took some photos. The maples just started to put on their summer green and the buds had popped. When I took the photos I realised that these weren't the usual little young green leaves that we saw every year since we bought the house in 2010. This is the fourth spring we experience here and this is the first time I see the maples in FULL BLOOM!!!

Here are some photos. A little challenge for your morning tea break, see whether you can spot the bird in the last picture. 

The colours are slightly brighter than in the last years, when only leaves were produced.

The leaves are just about to show but the flowers are dangling and spreading their pollen. 

Some early bee was in the mood for a photo shoot. 

Spot the's a Grackle

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