Sunday, 21 April 2013

The tyrant is back....yay!

The tyrant is back....finally I would like to add. With the tyrant I speak of is of course Tyrannus tyrannus, the Eastern Kingbird. 

The Eastern Kingbird is a fly catcher and if you read my post about the wildlife around our pond (here), you know what the little fellow does around here. 

I have noticed that same behaviour of the bird diving into the water. Although the splashes so far are more timid than I remember them.

This time however I managed to take a (slightly blurred) photo of the action. 
If you take a good look you can see the bird in the tree in the center of the picture

And here is the diving just after it hit the water.

 Here is a close up

Dapping the feet?

So I wonder whether the bird does this for a cleaning purpose, or whether he is true to his name and tyrannises the tadpoles and young frogs that have just started their mating calls.

If anyone knows I would like to hear about it.

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