Saturday, 6 October 2012

What is Permaculture (to me)? Part 2

Permaculture to me is a whole lot of things. But first and foremost it is a solution. A solution to a really messed up world that we have created. The three ethics that define Permaculture are:

  1. Care of the earth
  2. Care of the people
  3. Return of surplus

These ethics are actually common sense or at least have been for our ancestors. Once upon a time humans used to live off the land. This time isn't even that long ago when you really look at. When the land you're standing on is the basis for your survival and your prosperity, even your life, no one will even get the fading shadow of an idea to exploit the land and destroy it for money. It would be like suicide, yet this is what our civilization is doing right now, live and in colour.
In days gone past it was important to foster a good community living as the community was equally essential to survival and well being. Again, nobody would have thought twice about lending a helping hand to a friend or neighbour, one just did. Luckily there are still some people that do this today, however many don't. Why is that I wonder?
As for the return of surplus, well, I think this might have been the first of ethics to go out the window. I am writing this on Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. A time where you share good food and good times with your friends and family. Honouring an age old tradition. On this one weekend. With deep frozen turkey from aisle 16 with GM corn on the side. Half of it will end in the trash because after 3 days even the best turkey becomes somewhat outdated. The turkeys that didn't sell this weekend might make it to Christmas but then even the supermarket will throw them out. While many people stand around the streets of the supermarket and go home hungry. Yes this is reality, also in our wonderful first world that we enjoyfully live in.
So I think we can agree that the world - as it is right now - is not Permaculture. But it is an inspiration. Walking through this world and slowly opening my eyes I have seen more and more things that I simply do not like. But after spending years complaining to myself and others in my direct vicinity about the misstandings of this world I now decided to take action. This action comes in the form of Permaculture. It is my way of trying to change just a little small and tiny part of this world for what I consider the better. From now on I will try to live with those three ethics in mind. I will make a conscious effort every day to care for the earth, care for the people around me and to share my surplus with anyone that needs it. This blog will show the path that I and my partner are walking along together with an as of yet unknown destination. 

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